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The Yardley Institute believes in health care, not disease care. Being healthy is not merely the absence of symptoms, but rather a result of addressing their causes through precise and measurable treatment. We treat people individually and completely with care, concern, and empathy. By doing so, we are able to provide a game-plan where the patient and doctor work as a team to achieve the patient’s specific health goals.

The body’s default setting is to heal itself. By focusing on the brain-body connection, Dr. Yardley’s practice utilizes a unique approach to restore the body to its default setting; allowing patients to heal naturally. We bring our broad experience, unique application, and an out of system approach to each and every qualified patient.

Dr. Lee G Yardley

Dr. Lee G Yardley

Founder, Yardley Institute


Dr. Lee Yardley is the Founder and Director of the Yardley Institute. He has devoted his professional life to developing the highest level of technical excellence in the care of the Brain–Body connection. Dr. Yardley is board certified and has taught post doctoral classes regularly since 1996.

Dr. Yardley and his clinical team exclusively focus on the brainstem mechanical and neurological compromise, one of the body’s largest impediments to the natural health.

I have had care at the Yardley Institute over the past 6 months and my body is holding it’s alignment for longer periods each time. Being in alignment is helping to eliminate health issues I have experienced over the last several years. The result of the care is lesser frequency of debilitating digestive issues, significantly more energy, and greater clarity of thought. Life is transforming before my eyes. Anxiety and brain fog have decreased. Depression is less powerful.

Creating stability around my health is building the foundation for stability in crucial areas: housing, work, family, and relationships. I can start to imagine a life that doesn’t require constant maintenance of health-related issues and I can spend more time doing the things I adore like being a student and being a sister and being a friend.

Dr. Yardley and his staff: Michelle, Theresa, Dannah, Vawna, and Roxanne are the best!



I didn’t think that I would ever find on-going relief from the pain and tension in my back, shoulders and neck (that was caused by a traumatic bicycle injury). After 25+ years of trying many other practitioners – whose treatments may have only provided minimal relief for a day or two – I had run out of hope. When I first heard of the Yardley Institute I was initially skeptical; but after reading about his unique focus on the brainstem’s mechanical and neurological compromise, I decided to go in. Dr Yardley gave me a thorough explanation of his approach and even gave me a timeframe on how long regular treatments would be needed. I started treatment in July of 2015, and I began noticing improvements within days. I felt lighter, and could feel the tension and stress in my body releasing. I was sleeping better, and best of all, my regular morning headaches were almost non-existent. Plus, I just generally feel better! Dr Yardley has done so much more for my – actual – improvement in less time, and less effort than any other practitioner I have seen.


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“I just started care but I have already seen measurable improvements. What I love about Dr. Yardley’s treatment is it’s precise, it’s measured and I can tell because I have an overall better feeling. It truly does help my body heal itself”

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